[ Blue Dream Founders ]

Our Team

Blue Dream has been founded by Maria Maniati and Akis Rontogiannis, both certified and experienced captains with thousands of hours at the sea. Maria and Akis are also certified lifeguards that own a company that offers lifeguard services. With safety being the top priority for Blue Dream founders, you only need to choose your trip partners and focus on the destination

Our Goal

To help you explore and discover the hidden island-like beauty of our destinations in a unique, adventurous way through the countless themed escapes we can design especially for you

Our Mission

To provide safe, fast and unique ways to explore and discover Greece by sea

Our Vision

To deliver the best tailor-made and fun sea journeys in mainland Greece and offer you an unforgettable experience

Spanning the seas we create meaningful moments you will never forget!


All captains of Blue Dream are handpicked, certified speedboat navigators and fluent English – speakers. Your safety is our first priority that is why we exclusively employ experienced and certified marine staff ready to execute your trip experience in the topmost professional manner.

Captain: Akis Rontogiannis


Blue Dream founders are also owners of a Lifeguard Services Company with many years of experience in offering certified lifeguarding services in Municipal organized beaches, public pools, spa centers, swimming centers, and other specialized, themed public or private places with swimming pools infrastructure.

Safety & Security

Our commitment to safety and security measures is constant and paramount.

• All our boats are certified for professional use
• All our boats are checked thoroughly on a daily basis
• All our boats are insured
• They are equipped with life-saving equipment including personal life jackets with a light & whistle for each passenger, inflating rafts, fire extinguishers & escape chutes